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Humans have created and used time keeping tools for many millennia. We have come far since the time of obelisks and sun dials. Now we have computer watches that can also shame us for not moving enough. We fantasize about controlling time, usually going backwards but sometimes forwards. Sometimes I just want to hit pause on it but that gets kind of trippy if I think about it too much. The perception of time can fluctuate depending on what we experience or our state of mind. Personally, deadlines make time disappear while the treadmill slows it down. My dog thinks…

For someone who once wanted to translate science to the masses, I recently realized that I have done my own research a major disservice. I tend to discuss what I study instead of the subject I use to study it. To relate to the “lay” person, I convert my research into things that the average person can relate to. It’s not just for the lay person. These days, the people funding research want to know how your work is applicable to human disease and well-being. The unsaid stuff seems to be: if it’s not directly applicable, why are you doing…

Sam You

Technically a neuroscientist. Prone to rants.

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